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5 SHOCKING Facts About Cow's Milk

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Veganism is increasing in popularity. You can take a look at google trends, or just look in your local grocery store/supermarket to see the demand for vegan food yourself. As veganism grows, the revenue of the dairy industry declines...and for good reasons. Today we're going to share 10 simply and short facts with you why cow's milk is simply not meant to be drunk by humans. 

1. Dairy has been linked to a tremendous amount of health problems. Dairy consumption has been linked to cancer, diabetes, autism, schizophrenia and many autoimmune disorders such as multiple sclerosis. 

2. Diabetes type 1

Protein is necessary for the child, yes. But cow’s milk has very high levels of animal protein and some of these proteins can stimulate autoimmune reactions in infants that can start the onset of type 1 diabetes[3][4]. Studies have found that infants who not consume cow’s milk have a reduction in the incidence of type 1 diabetes[5][6].

3. Cows aren't happy

Despite the happy imagery we often see of cows in the grass, dairy farms pollute the earth. Dairy farms and factories account for huge amounts of CO2 emissions, land degradation, water consumption and water contamination.

4. Calcium is overhyped

Calcium equals great bone health in children and adults, that’s what we have been told. The data we have today do not support the use of cow’s milk for bone health. When you actually look up the studies that are trying to link the consumption of cow’s milk to stronger bones, and dig into these studies, the data do not support that[14][15][17]. Studies show the opposite, there is a higher risk of fracture with a higher intake of cow’s milk[18][19].

We do still need calcium, but calcium from plants is actually better absorbed by our bodies than from cow’s milk[20][21]. And there are no problems with meeting the calcium need, 1 1/2 cups kale or 2 cups of broccoli contain the same amount of calcium as a glass of cow’s milk, due to their much better calcium absorption rate[22].

5. Melk contains pus, alot of pus

The Food and Drug Adminstration (FDA) allows 750 million pus cells in every liter of melk. That's the highest permitted upper limit of milk pus cells concentration in the world, nearly twice as much as the international standard of allowable pus cells. 

Nobody needs cow’s milk to thrive but the cow’s milk is everywhere. Next time someone tells you that cow's milk is natural and good for the body, shove this blog in his/her face!


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