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Factory Farms Are a Threat to the Water We Drink

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“They are a threat to the water we drink and the air we breathe, and it is unbelievable to me that Republicans in Congress have been working overtime to exempt factory farms from environmental laws.”

Sanders received support from vegans and environmentalists, with others pointing out that factory farms are not only environmentally destructive but also unnecessarily cruel to animals.

“We need to keep hearing this from the mouths and accounts of those with the most influence,” animal rights activist and YouTuber Blue Ollis commented.

A vegan said: “The horrors that happen in #factoryfarms are unacceptable as well.”

“Farming other sentient beings is the most horrific thing a country can do. While their waste is most definitely destroying the environment, more importantly it’s creating endless suffering for the most vulnerable sentient beings in a human dominated society. They aren’t objects,” said another.

An environmentalist added: “I [used] to eat meat all the time and then I changed due to the ‘environment’ and then greater awareness/perception about myself with Earth and the Universe. I was in VT – by myself on 10 acres surrounded by nature – when I made the conscious effort to ‘go vegan’.”

“Their antibiotic use is also a threat to humanity. Bacteria are getting more resistant every day thanks to abx in food & water. If y’all are worried about the resurgence of measles, just wait til tuberculosis makes a comeback,” another supporter added.

Sanders also commended farms that use renewable energy but emphasizes that we must do better for the future of the planet.

“The number of farms taking advantage of renewable energy has more than doubled since 2007. That is good, but for the future of the planet we must do better. We can create millions of jobs by moving to 100% sustainable energy,” he wrote on Twitter.




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