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Iceland Supermarket To Add Vegan Frozen Aisle To Stores

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Frozen supermarket chain Iceland has announced that it will be adding a brand new vegan section in stores from September. 

Following the success of the recently released 'No Bull' burger, frozen food supermarket Iceland has announced plans to add a dedicated frozen aisle to stores packed full of vegan products.

In a bid to meet the growing demand for plant-based products, Iceland launched a realistic plant-based burger that even appears to ‘bleed’ earlier this year. The burger is made of soya protein and coloured with beetroot extract and paprika to make it look meaty and ‘bleed’ like the real thing.

Speaking about the success of the vegan patty, Iceland’s head of development, Neil Nugent, said: “We are quite excited about it after the success of the No Bull Burger, which has been phenomenal. It’s outselling our wagyu burgers and we’ve not advertised it, it’s all been social media.”

According to Nugent, the company has decided to add “a whole new cabinet” thanks to high demand from their customers to increase their vegan offerings, stating: “We have to follow that trend as customers are demanding it.”

Nugent believes that the vegan aisle will appeal not only to vegans, but to the rising number of consumers opting for meat-free options. Speaking to Food Spark, Nugent said: “What I do think is this vegan thing has such massive growth and it’s not necessarily about vegans. It’s about people flexing the diet and just choosing meat-free options a bit more than they have done before.

The news of Iceland’s vegan frozen aisle comes shortly after Waitrose supermarket become the first supermarket in the UK to add a dedicated vegan section in 125 stores nationwide, as well as expanding its plant-based range with the addition of fifty brand new vegetarian and vegan products.

Iceland also recently became the first UK supermarket to commit removing palm oil from all own brand food following Iceland’s Managing Director, Richard Walker’s, visit to Borneo to see the palm oil devastation first hand.




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