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Magnum Launches Vegan Ice Creams Bars

Posted on

The last few years have seen thousands of innovative new vegan products appearing on supermarket shelves, and one category that has gone from strength to strength is vegan ice-cream.

Large companies such as Ben & Jerry’s, Cornetto and Häagen-Dazs who typically make dairy ice-cream have managed to grab a scoop of the action with the release of dairy-free ranges of ice-cream. Now Magnum has announced the launch of its first-ever range of vegan ice-creams.

The two vegan flavours (Vegan Classic and Vegan Almond) are made from peanut protein and smooth vegan chocolate.

According to MTV Finland, they have been approved by the European Vegetarian Union as vegan-friendly. Finnish food wholesaler Kespro added that the ice creams will be Rainforest Alliance Certified too.

Clearly, Magnum is conscious of the sustainability of its products. Their Magnum Dark Intense ice cream uses chocolate made of 70% cocoa from sustainably grown Rainforest Alliance cocoa beans, for example. The vegan flavours will be another step towards offering sustainable and cruelty-free options.

Magnum is an ice cream brand with a colossal amount of influence and a huge following. Although the new vegan options will only be launched in Sweden and Finland this September, we hope that the company will receive enough praise for their new flavours that it will expand the reach of its dairy-free and vegan products to other locations around the world.




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