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The Vegan Vibe: More Than A Vegan Clothing Brand

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We started The Vegan Vibe because my brother and I always wanted to do something ‘big’ with our passions. So The Vegan Vibe simply originated from the idea; lets try it out and see how the response is. We did our research into other vegan clothing brands and we found that it’s really hard to start a true vegan clothing brand since you have to take many things into account. For starters, your clothing needs to be ethically/cruelty-free produced, you need to find manufacturers who are WRAP certified, your need to find WRAP certified manufacturers who also have competitive pricing, and you need to find  WRAP certified manufacturers who also have competitive pricing  and those who use cruelty-free inkt! These are just a few issues we had to deal with, but trust me when I say that there are many more… So laying the groundwork has been really time-consuming (much more than we anticipated) and it cost us lot of frustration as well!\

*Time Jump*

6 Months in, we’re so thankful and grateful that we never gave up during the initial phases of the brand. The response that we’ve been receiving about our brand has been overwhelming, unexpected and pure love. Seriously, we can’t thank you guys enough for trusting us as your main source of vegan clothing. We’re really happy that we can spread the message, inspire,  improve people’s lives, align fashion with ethics, follow our own passion and save animals. Yes, we’re happy about a lot of things.

We started this brand with the intention to spread the vegan message. This has always been and will always be our core mission. But we noticed in these past 6 months that The Vegan Vibe is for many vegans more than just a vegan clothing brand. We get asked many times by non-vegans how to go vegan, or if we could share vegan recipes, information about veganism and so forth and so on. We really don’t want to say that we’ve become the ‘Google’ for veganism, but to be completely honest with you; that’s what we’re trying to achieve. Our goal for The Vegan Vibe is to be more than just a vegan clothing brand. We want to be your source of everything that’s relevant in the vegan community. We try to be actively involved in the community, whether it’s engaging through social media/email, putting out a blog post, giving away free gear, attending vegfests etcetera.

We want to thank you for choosing us as your vegan clothing brand to shop from. With your help we will continue to develop the brand such as adding different products to our collection, improving the quality of our apparel and make the message of The Vegan Vibe louder and louder! We took a shot at our dreams, and look how far it brought us. If you're waiting for a sign, this is yours!

Krishan & Aswin

Founders The Vegan Vibe


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