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Vegan Fashion: The 4 Most Infamous Misconceptions

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‘Vegan fashion’. The word itself can bring up some fierce resistance among many people. The internet is full of people who deliberately spread lies about vegan fashion, mainly in order to stop the growth of veganism as a whole. Instead of fighting fire with fire, lets take a look at the truth! So without further ado, lets take a closer look at 4 popular misconceptions about vegan fashion on the internet.

1. It’s pricier than regular fashion

This is one of the main reasons people use when they get asked; ‘why don’t you shop with a brand that’s environmental friendly products? Those brands are always more expensive than the stores I normally buy my clothes from.’ Well yeah, like in every other trend, you have the ‘Pradas and Versaces’ of the industry. That doesn’t mean that there are no ‘Zara’s/H&Ms’. If you can follow this metaphor then you just realize that this is just an excuse for people to be lazy. They simply don’t care enough about future generations or they’re just not open-minded enough to think about the consequences of their actions. The majority of vegan apparel brands sell their clothing/accessories at a price that’s equal to regular fashion companies, even though they’re using sustainable and cruelty-free fabrics. Furthermore, 99.99% of the vegan brands always donate part of their profits to a charity of their choice. Not because it’s cool, but because we care.

2. They only have ‘hipsters’ type of clothing

If I only would receive a dollar, every time somebody told me about how they thought vegan fashion is only meant for the ‘hipsters’ amongst us. And when you ask the people who ‘thought’ this what they mean with hipster clothing, they come up with all sorts of answers: ‘weird slogans or prints, fabrics that feel very weird on the body, and the fit of the clothing is considered to be ‘not normal’. Believe it or not, but a lot of people still have this stereotype image of a hipster in their minds when they think about a person who gives a damn about the environment or how their clothing is made. There are literally thousands of brands who have the most stylish apparel that is responsibly produced. However, as of right now they’re just not as popular as the regular fashion brands since they have a dominant market share. Thankfully we have social media. It’s an ideal way to spread more awareness and break stereotypes about vegan fashion to change the thought process of people.

3. You need to be vegan

Some people believe that in order for them to wear clothes that are vegan approved, they have to be vegan as well. This couldn’t be further from the truth.  Vegan fashion is simply a name for sustainable, ethical and cruelty-free fashion. I you support one of these criteria, you won’t automatically become a vegan (if that’s what you’re afraid It merely shows that you care about the earth and want to do your part in preserving its beauty. So supporting vegan fashion is not ‘radical’, it’s merely an evolved branch of fashion that will soon become the norm in the fashion industry.

4. It’s a hype

A lot of people think that this surge in popularity of vegan fashion has come out of nowhere. In fact, they call it a hype and believe it will die out sooner than later. What they don’t know is that the fundamentals of vegan fashion such as veganism, is supported by scientific evidence + case studies. Veganism has been growing in an organic way for the past 10 years and it’s ready for mainstream adoption. It’s here to stay. So you’re not actually buying into a hype. In fact, you’re buying into the future; supporting a world that’s a home to all earthlings.

I think that these are the 4 misconceptions that needed to be addressed properly. Do you have any other suggestions that need to be discussed. Let us know in the comments below!


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