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Vegan Valentine’s Day Candies - 9 Choices!

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When shopping for sweets this Valentine’s Day, make sure you show some love for animals, too, by purchasing cruelty-free treats. When checking the ingredients of your favorite candies, be sure to avoid those made with gelatin or dairy products. Before going shopping for your valentine, check out some of our favorites below! Google them and find a store in your neighbourhood that sells them!

1. Smarties Love Hearts Candy Rolls

2. Brach's Jube Jel Cherry Hearts

Vegan Valentine's Day Candy Brachs Jube Jel

3. Chocolate to the Rescue Bar

PETA's Chocolate to the Rescue Bar

4. Ring Pop Cupid Packs

Vegan valentine's day candy ring pop

5. Sjaak's Organic Fair Trade Vegan Dark Chocolate Hearts

sjaaks vegan valentine's day candy dark chocolate hearts

6. Rose City Chocolatier chocolate boxes


7. PETA Vegan Almond Butter Caramel Cup 4-Piece Gift Box

8. Sweet Pete's Vegan Valentine's Treat Tote Basket

Valentines vegan candy box

9. Sjaak's Organic Chocolates Dark Chocolate Truffle Assortment

Sjaak Vegan Valentine's Day Candy Organic Truffles




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