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Want To Go Vegan? Here’s What It Requires (part 2)

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In part 1 we discussed the concerns about getting enough protein/vitamins and we also suggested to read the foodlabels carefully. Furthermore, we briefly talked about a psychological factor that plays a role in going ánd staying vegan. Part 1 was basically a bit of everything. In this article we're going to talk about some more psychological factors.

1. Patience

Going vegan can happen overnight. In fact, it can happen within hours, for some even seconds. But staying vegan can definitely not happen overnight. That's because eating meat has become a habit, it's become part of your identity. As we all know, habits are difficult to break, especially on purpose. Sometimes you just forget about a certain behavior, because you're too busy with something else in your life. But when you consciously make the switch to stop doing something then you're body and mind start to react against it. I wouldn't call eating meat an addiction, but I would definitely call it a strong habit that's not easy to break. Besides the diet change, your lifestyle will also change such as the choice of clothing, shoes etc. That's why you need to be patient with your vegan journey. Don't be too hard on yourself when you're first starting out. And don't be afraid to make mistakes or to ask questions. 

2. An open mind

So you've made the decision to ban meat from our life. So what should you eat? Well, let me give you a quick list of replacements for meat. I actually hate the word 'replacements', but when you're at the beginning of the vegan journey, then that's how you think about vegan food. For starters, you can shop from Beyond Meat to get vegan approved 'meat'. Leonardo Di Caprio is a huge advocate and supporter of this brand. You can also give local brands/restaurants a try that serve a plan-based burger. It's going to be a test and error experience so don't get discouraged if you ate a plantbased burger that tasted bad. So in sum, don't write things of easily, challenge yourself to try new things and accept that you're not sure how it's going to taste! It's an adventure!

3. Understanding

Right now according to society, a vegan represents veganism. This is completely absurd and an overgeneralization, but still this is our sad reality. So when you act a certain way, or talk a certain way non-vegans can immediately blame 'veganism'. Simply because it's an easy target, since vegans are still a minority. So we really recommend beginning vegans to be very understanding. It's all new to you, we get it, but it's even more lifechanging to your family and friends. Engage in discussions but try to avoid conversations that will only lead to frustrations. I know, it's easier sad than done, but trust me; it will save you a lot of headache, frustration and energy.

In part 3 we're going to talk more about how your choice to go vegan can influence the relationships with your family and friends!


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