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5 Ways Our Apparel Helps You To Protect Marine Life


1. You Save Sea Animals

The United Nations estimated that by 2050 our oceans have become fishless due to the fishing industry. You will help to save  every animal that lives in the ocean because with every purchase, we donate part of the proceeds to Sea Shepherd, the leading non-profit organization that fights the ongoing slaughter of wildlife in the world's oceans.


2. You Clean up the ocean

The United Nations estimates that by 2050 there will be more waste plastic in the oceans than fish. We are just as worried as you are about this. That's why we donate part of the proceeds to Sea Shepherd which besides, saving animals, also help to conserve the ocean ecosystems and fight against ocean pollution.


3. Your Ethics help the animals

We don't let our employees use cheap printing machines that compromises surrounding ecosystems through the offset of C02 emissions that ultimately affect Marine Life. We treat our employees amazingly so they can print the best quality shirts for you in  the most eco-friendly way. This is why we're WRAP certified. 


4. You create awareness

Awareness is a critical first step to create a breakthrough. Everytime you wear your shirt in the public, you do your part in spreading the message about the destruction of the oceans. Be the change and stand proudly behind your beliefs.


5. You Make A REAL difference in style

The most imporant thing fashion can do is to spread awareness around an idea very powerfully, coherently and with the all-important 'cool factor'. We're proud to announce that in less than 12 months, more than 10.000 vegans have chosen us as their place to shop apparel and to make a difference simultaneously!

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With over 10.000 happy customers & prominent vegan activists endorsing us, the vegan message has been spread across 79 countries.



Compassionate t-shirts are the best way to spread the green movement. The Vegan Vibe is the message of the future! - (@Carly_Bergman 23K+ Followers)

People remember what you wear, and therefore if you wear clothing that have vegan messages on them, you plant seeds everywhere you go. - (@VeganVikingEll  15K+ Followers)

I love that they use their platform to educate their audience and support a vegan lifestyle + a portion of their profit goes to charity! - (@Vprincemusic, 14k+ Followers)


A Little About The Vegan Vibe


The sole mission of The Vegan Vibe is to stop animal cruelty. To be specific, we aim to stop Animal testing. We spread awareness about our mission through our cruelty-free, stylish and ethical clothing. 

Our motto behind The Vegan Vibe is spreading the vegan message in a compassionate way by creating the most stylish, meaningful and exciting clothes.

You can call this The Vegan Vibe!

We proudly strive to help you veganize the world and we do it damn well!

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