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Great News! Global Food Companies Ban Animal Tests!

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September 25, 2018 Update:  After discussions with PETA, Megmilk Snow Brand Co., Ltd., a major food company based in Japan, has agreed to end animal tests used to make dubious health claims about its products! Previously, the company had funded and conducted cruel experiments on mice and rats, including one in which experimenters injected mice with a protein that causes arthritis, repeatedly force-fed or injected them with probiotics, took their blood, and then killed and dissected them. In another experiment, rats were starved for 17 hours, then fed Gouda cheese, starved again, and finally killed and dissected.

September 05, 2018, Update: After discussions with PETA, another food company has decided to end cruel and deadly tests on animals! Fuji Oil Holdings Inc.—a leading producer of oils, fats, confectionery ingredients, and soy—has confirmed that it will no longer fund, conduct, or commission tests on animals in order to make health claims about its products. In previous experiments funded and conducted by the company, rats and mice were starved, force-fed, and injected with and exposed to harmful chemicals. Then their necks were broken, and they were dissected.

Originally posted on August 27, 2018:

Japan’s largest meat supplier and its third-oldest sugar producer are the latest companies that PETA has persuaded to establish new policies banning cruel and deadly experiments on animals.

After discussions with PETA, multibillion-dollar global meat manufacturer NH Foods and multimillion-dollar sugar company Ensuiko Sugar Refining Co. have both agreed to stop conducting and funding animal experiments used to make dubious health claims about their products.

In 2016, NH Foods funded and published an experiment that was conducted on 20 mice. Experimenters fed the animals a collagen metabolite (made from chickens’ feet), took their blood, and killed and dissected them. The company currently has an animal-testing contract through 2020, but it has confirmed with PETA that once that contract ends, it’ll no longer conduct or fund experiments on animals unless required to do so by law.

In 2015, Ensuiko Sugar published an experiment that it conducted using 112 mice. Experimenters fed the mice a common sweetener, injected them with a flu virus through their noses, drained their blood, and killed and dissected them. At our request, the company confirmed that it won’t conduct or fund animal tests unless they’re legally required and posted the new policy on its website.




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