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Scotland’s First Vegan Kebab Shop Is Now Open

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An all-vegan kebab shop has opened in Scotland on the site of an old kebab shop that used to serve traditional meat kebabs.

To many, a kebab is a staple at the end of a night out, but due to its meaty nature is increasingly being shunned in favour of meat-free alternatives.

Thanks to growing demand for meat-free options, more customers than ever before are searching for ways to enjoy vegan alternatives to their old favourite meals, a kebab shop in Edinburgh in Scotland has been replaced by a brand new kebab shop with a twist – the entire menu is vegan.

Karma Kebab in South Clerk Street, which was recently opened by partners Alan Collinson and Wade Tidbury, will offer hungry customers the choice of a selection of kebab khobez wraps filled with seitan, falafels, poutine, salad, chips and even sweet treats. There’s also a selection of vegan-friendly drinks to wash down your meal.

Speaking to Edinburgh Evening News, Alan said: “We are aiming to have a place that offers a welcoming and popular atmosphere and great tasting food that everyone can enjoy, we are really excited to be opening our first branch of Karma Kebab.”

The pair have spent over 18 months getting the menu and restaurant up and running, replacing the entire kitchen with new appliances and updating the decor.

Wade and Alan were keen to open an eatery that reflected their morals, with Wade stating: “We have set up Karma Kebab with values that are important to us.

“Our aspiration in our planning was that we are setting up a place that is fun to come to eat with friends but also knowing that we have the wider environment and how we employ staff in mind.

“The environmental case for going towards a plant-based diet is now overwhelming and we aim to make that easier for people as well as a fun experience.”

You can find Karma Kebab at 32 South Clerk Street, EH8 9PR, Edinburgh.




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