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Vegan Clothing Brands Vs Regular Clothing Brands; 3 Key Differences

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In this blog we’re going to give you an outline about the most important differences between a vegan clothing brand and a ‘regular’ clothing brand. With a regular clothing brand we mean any brand that doesn’t have an animal/environmental touch to their brand. So brands who didn’t originate from the idea of that our current way of living is not sustainable, ethical and responsible. So without further ado, let’s take a look at 5 powerful differences.

  1. Social entrepreneurship vs entrepreneurship

Social entrepreneurship is the use of the by start up companies and other entrepreneurs to develop, fund and implement solutions to social, cultural, or environmental issues whereas regular entrepreneurship is idea of capitalizing on an opportunity to make a profit. Don’t get me wrong, ‘regular’ entrepreneurship has led to many outstanding companies and breakthroughs in society. The thing is, it’s just different from social entrepreneurship, in the sense that social entrepreneurs see an opportunity to solve a environmental/cultural problem through building a company. So they don’t see a way to make money, but to make an impact. That’s what sets vegan clothing brands apart from other clothing brands; their mission.

  1. Choosing Passion over Profits

We, Aswin & myself (founders of The Vegan Vibe), are genuinely passionate vegans. We love to blog about the developments within the vegan community and to see the community grow. Growing a vegan company has been such a fun journey and we can't wait what the future holds. Our intention was never to make millions of dollars off this brand, it was simply to spread the message. Our goal is to make a living off this brand and to make an impact while at the same time providing competitive pricing in combination with premium quality. When you choose profits over passion, you will compromise your quality in order to gain maximum profits. This could lead into an umempathetic customer-service or bad choice of fabric quality etc.

      3. Ethical & Cruelty-Free

A clothing brand can only call itself vegan when it manufacturers it clothes in a sustainable, cruelty-free and ethical way. So it's necesary to meet all the requirements and not just one of them. Regular brands often only meet 1 or 2 of the requirements. Only a few of them meet all 3. So this is another way how vegan clothing brands differentiate themselves from other regular brands. Therefore, when you shop with a vegan clothing brand instead of regular clothing brand, you'll automatically support a better world.

In my opinion, these are the 3 key differences between a vegan clothing brand and a regular clothing brand. Share this article with a friend or a family member if you want to convince them why they need to shop with a vegan clothing brand!


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